The Super Bowl is upon us, or rather, John Harbaugh’s Super Bowl is upon us, depending on who you ask.  I am not sure how I will be able to watch it without thinking about the Ravens’ collapse, since so far I haven’t been able to watch any football without flashbacks of the second half Baltimore offense “fumbling” around in my head to the tune of Yakety Sax.  Either way, my mood won’t be changed much if Vlad Guerrero comes to Baltimore.  If he signs, then sure, why not, send Reimold to Norfolk.  If not, the Orioles have enough depth and can put someone on the roster who is actually capable of playing defense.  As much as I have analyzed it, and Pilson made some strong arguments the other day, it isn’t going to change this team drastically.  I lean slightly against it, but not much.  As for the Super Bowl itself, not try to get too invested in the Packers, I see the Steelers finding a way to beat Green Bay.  Let’s line up for that Lombardi Trophy kick…      

Andy Pettitte Retires after 16 Seasons

Few players in sports do things for the right reasons, which is almost as important as doing the right thing.  In the case of retirement, fans have no right to tell a player when he should retire from the game- yes, even if the player is Brett Favre.  If the player wants to take his time and the team is willing to give it to him, then everyone else should stay out of it.  We forget that players have families and that it is a tough decision to make whether to make that extra few million (that, let’s not forget, can be used for a charitable fund, to create scholarships, or open community centers as much as it can be used for a third home) or to spend time with one’s children and, frankly, risk not staying busy.  These players are on a tight, regimented schedule for most of their teen years and adult life, and there must be an appeal to staying with what you know and the people you have grown close to rather than sitting at home contemplating what’s next.  Andy Pettitte has been the paradigm of class even in the face of steroid use, and while I won’t make any determination about what is best for him and his family, I respect him for his career and the way he has carried himself.  Best of luck to him and his family, I hope he finds as much happiness off the field as he did success on it.

LeBron Goes Off as Heat Thump Magic

The Magic got a lot better in acquiring Jason Richardson, Hedo Turkoglu, and Gilbert Arenas earlier this season.  Unfortunately, they got also got worse in losing Marcin Gortat.  With his absence Orlando is suddenly a team of jump shooters and Dwight Howard, which would be doable if Howard didn’t get called for a foul every time he moved a muscle in the paint.  I have heard of star treatment in the NBA, but Howard gets it the other way around.  There is no incentive to play aggressive in the NBA if you are a center- it is more about reputation than play.  Without a competent backup to Howard (or, due to injuries, any backup at all), the Magic are left to either capitulate the entire painted area or keep Howard out on the court the entire game.  That is not how a team wins a championship.  Meanwhile, the Heat were able to get valuable production out of their role players, enough that James was isolated throughout this game and was able to make uncontested, sometimes wide open shots.  That was the goal when he came to Miami, and the Heat have only been able to reach that potential on rare spurts.  If they play like they did yesterday, with suffocating defense to go along with improving ball movement, they will give the Celtics everything they can handle in the East.