Well O’s fans, many of you have gotten your wish- Dave Trembley looks to be out as Orioles manager after, well, losing a lot.  That’s all it is in the end, the man’s team didn’t win games, and he is the most easily expendable person on the team.  Unlike Garrett Atkins, cutting him doesn’t cost the team millions of dollars.  All in all I think it’s regrettable that Trembley had to go, though I don’t blame MacPhail or Angelos for making the decision.  I don’t expect Juan Samuel or anyone else to turn this year’s Orioles into Wild Card contenders or even get them close to .500- the team is just bad right now.  But who knows, maybe they will get a bit of a spark under new management.  However, let’s hope that this time MacPhail brings in someone with a reputation for winning, rather than a hope to win.  Let’s line up for the kick…

Lakers Take Game 1

I know the Lakers out-muscled the Celtics, and that teams that win Game 1 win the NBA Finals 79% of the time, but I am not going to crown the Lakers back-to-back champs just yet.  We have seen the aging Celtics start slow and turn it on later, and I expect them to in this series.  When you are dealing with a very veteran core of players, I would expect a bit of a lag after a cross-country trip.  Moreover, this Boston team is much tougher than to lie down and accept losing 2 in L.A.  I fully expect them to not only compete, but to win Game 2 and put Los Angeles in a very uncomfortable position as they fly back to Boston.  Did I see anything last night that made me think that?  No, but I have seen enough of the Celtics to know that they don’t go down that easily.  Kobe Bryant may wind up regretting that showboating three he put up in the waning seconds of the game. 

Bud Selig Misses Reality… Again

It would have been a perfect opportunity for the Commissioner to repair his terrible image, to acknowledge what we all saw and award the 21st perfect game to Armando Galarraga.  Why?  You know the reasons by now, but 1) everyone in the world knows it was a bad call, 2) no really, there is n doubt about it, 3) history was made and it should be acknowledged, and 4) doing what is right is more important than doing nothing.  I hear the slippery slope argument, that now every call will be open to be reversed by the commissioner.  It is only a slippery slope if the Commissioner makes it one- there can be a one-time exception if you clearly indicate that it is a one-time exception.  How can we love a sport where even the umpire knows he is wrong, yet no one fixes it?  Major league baseball had no problem reversing 50 no-hitters back in 1991 when looking back at the record books, and they had no problem reversing George Brett’s pine tar incident.  I am not saying we should replay everything- but Bud Selig should have made things right.  Instead, he did what he always does- not answer the issue at hand and say he will look at changing the rules.  The problem is, he already set up a committee during the offseason to do just that, so unless he lied before and created a sham committee, or he is just paying lip service now.  Nevermind, it is probably both.

No third topic, just one more thing…

Go Flyers!