Get ready folks because I anticipate the smack talk between the Ravens and Jets to be heavy heading into their Sunday night matchup.  So does John Harbaugh.

“It will be good laughs listening to what comes out of New York, and we will be looking forward to it because it is always funny,” Harbaugh said in his Monday press conference.  The Ravens head coach grinned when talking about the chatter between the two teams.  “We don’t tell them not to say anything,” he said.

Though no talk between the two teams has yet been reported, Ray Rice did tell the media on Sunday that the Ravens will be ready for the Jets and specifically Bart Scott next week.  “Bart’s a character, but we’ll be ready for him.”

Harbaugh was confident that the Ravens will keep it fun and won’t cross the line.  “I’m sure our guys will have fun with it. I don’t think you will hear too much malicious [words] coming out of our guys.”