When it comes to injuries, no one has had worse luck than Joba Chamberlain. The fist pumping Yankees reliever underwent Tommy John surgery in 2011, then went down with a freak open dislocation of his ankle with jumping on a trampoline with his son in March.

Chamberlain made his way back to the field in August and then in the bottom of the 12th on Thursday night he was struck with the broken barrel of Matt Wieters bat on a single that the Orioles catcher hit to left field.

X-Rays were negative, but still a scary moment.

GIF after the bump.

GIF: Joba Chamberlain gets drilled by Matt Wieters bat

Lots of people took to Twitter to begin their “let’s ban maple bats” campaign. What they didn’t know was that Wieters was swinging ash lumber, not maple.