Brian Billick is a guy that knows all about the Ravens-Steelers rivalry.  He was the last coach in Baltimore sweep Pittsburgh when his 13-3 Ravens did so in 2006.  In this week’s edition of “Coach Speak” on, Billick talked at length with current Ravens coach John Harbaugh about sweeping Pittsburgh and the meaning it has for him and the organization.

“It’s more than just another win emotionally, on a rivalry level, you know all about issues that are a part of this Ravens-Steelers rivalry, Harbaugh said. “But it’s also more than just another win because you’ve got tie breaker implications in your division, you’ve got a team that you’re fighting for the division championship with and all of those things that kind of mathematically determine where you stand in the playoffs are important too.”

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“Going to Pittsburgh, winning in that environment at night against Ben Roethlisberger and that defense, no you can’t underestimate it.”