The media and fans that criticized Brian Billick near the end of his tenure in Baltimore complained about several different aspects of his work:

  • He was an offensive guru that never developed the Ravens offense.
  • He lost control of the locker room and his players became undisciplined.
  • He never followed a successful season with another successful season.

The Ravens brought in John Harbaugh to change these things and I have a few questions for those who questioned Billick.

  • Harbs is supposedly a special teams and defensive backs guru. So why are our DBs the weakest part of our team? How come the Ravens are ranked 22nd in special teams and 19th versus the pass? Why can our kicker not kick the ball into the end zone? And why did you give up on the third most accurate kicker in NFL history?
  • Last week Derrick Mason was charged with a 15 yard penalty for throwing his helmet. This week the Ravens had 7 penalties for 80 yards. Is this team any more disciplined under Harbaugh?
  • Last year, the Ravens played into January but lost in the AFC Championship. This year, they’re 4-4 at week nine and still have two games against the Steelers, one against the Colts, and a game in Lambeau Field against the Packers. In all likelihood they need 6-7 more wins to be playoff bound All roads lead to an unsuccessful season after a successful one.

What’s the difference between Billick and Harbaugh? You tell me.