The most confusing part about Baltimore’s 15-10 loss to the Bengals yesterday was that despite their quarterback continuing to struggle and fail to read Cincinnati’s secondary, the Ravens never established the run with Ray Rice.

In his post game press conference, John Harbaugh was asked about this topic by’s Gregg Doyle and he ducked the question by attempting to embarrass the reporter.

So I asked Harbaugh: “Are you comfortable with how much Rice ran the ball, considering Flacco was struggling and …”

Harbaugh cut me off.

“Where are you from?” he wanted to know.

Thinking we were bonding, I answered honestly:

“I was born in Hawaii, grew up in Oklahoma, went to high school in Georgia. Not sure what that has to do with Ray Rice getting 16 carries.”

Harbaugh: “Because our [media] guys wouldn’t ask that question.”

Whatever your opinion of the game is, Joe Flacco threw four interceptions while Ray Rice had just 18 carries averaging 5.4 yards per carry. He was well on his way to 100 yards had he gotten the touches, but for whatever reason the Ravens stuck with an ariel attack.