In his Monday press conference, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was still heated about the Saints late hit on Joe Flacco. “The guy appears to knee him right in the head after the play when he was on the ground. I mean, it’s clear-cut,” Harbaugh said.

Derrick Mason was even more upset about the hit. “I know his last name is not Brees or Manning or Brady, but our quarterback is very good. He needs to be protected just like the rest of the bunch,” Mason said. And that’s coming from the guy who grabbed Joe’s face mask just a few weeks ago.

Harbaugh hesitated to go as far as his wide receiver, but did submit the play to the league. “I don’t know to make comparisons, but I know he’s not getting the calls, and it’s a fact over the last three years,” he said.

The head coach was asked about Flacco’s tirade on the officials, but told the media that he would “rather not get into that.”

Do you think Flacco is not getting calls from the referees?