When the Capitals opened their playoff series against the New York Rangers in Washington, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was in attendance. Harbs was put on the jumbotron and even participated in a “Let’s Go Caps” chant. The fans didn’t exactly follow his lead though.

As we reported eleven days ago, the Verizon Center “booed loudly” for Harbaugh. The Ravens head coach recently reacted to the boo birds in an interview with Jerry Coleman of Fox 1370 in Baltimore. Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post wrote about the details of the interview on the D.C. Sports Bog.

“I hope they’re Redskins fans down there that are posing as Capitals fans,” the coach joked. “You know, obviously they’re excited about the Capitals being a winner, and I like the Capitals too. I take my family to games there once or twice a year. The time that I was there live [and appeared on the screen], it was kind of half and half. People in the sections around us I thought were cheering wildly, and then I did hear some boos in the background from other parts of the arena, so I assume most of those boos were coming from the upper decks.”

Harbaugh did tell Coleman that he got “mobbed” trying to get out of the building with people wanting pictures and autographs. “We’ve got Ravens fans everywhere,” Harbs said.