Let’s be honest, the Browns don’t have a whole lot going for them.  I think even the Cleveland fans would admit that.  When you think New England Patriots you think Tom Brady.  When you think Green Bay Packers you think Aaron Rodgers.  When you think Chicago Bears you think Matt Forte. When you think Baltimore Ravens you think Ray Lewis.

Who do you think of when you think Cleveland Browns?  Josh Cribbs?  It very well could be.

For the past seven years, one of the Browns most consistent players has been their kick returner and wide receiver. The two time Pro Bowler has never seen the end zone against the Ravens, but is always threat with the ball in his hands.

Despite Cribbs’ success, Ravens safety Haruki Nakamura says that defending him is pretty easy.  “It’s as simple as just getting in front of him, making him go laterally and just not letting him go north-south,” Nakamura said.

Cribbs hasn’t returned a kick for a touchdown this season and I’m sure the Ravens will be looking to continue that trend on Sunday.