I’m just wondering how long and how many defensive coordinators its going to take for you to realize that the talent is what makes the Ravens defense good. Not the coordinator.

Rex Ryan

We reported to you yesterday that Rex Ryan appears to be the leading candidate for a head coaching position in New York with the Jets. Good for him. But please, don’t be worried folks. Ryan’s formations might be good, and some of the players really like him, but the Ravens success lies in another leader.

His name is Ray Lewis. The loss of Ray would be catastrophic compared to the loss of Ryan. Nothing against Rex, but even with a leading defense since he’s been the coordinator in 2005 he has not been able to get a head coaching position. And its not like he’s hasn’t tried. Ryan has interviewed and interviewed over the past several years but no one bit.

Ravens fans need to remember that this defense was good under Mike Nolan and Marvin Lewis before him.

In all likely hood, Ryan will get a head coaching job some where will all the firings that went on after the regular season ended. And good for him, but fans you have to realize that its not a big loss. Losing the talent, not that would be.