Not surprisingly, HBO wants to feature Rex Ryan’s circus in New York once again on the 2012 season of “Hard Knocks.”  What is surprising is that according to Adam Schein of, Ryan is against the show highlighting his New York Jets.

Ryan apparently doesn’t want the “atmosphere around the Jets after last season’s bickering and collapse and this offseason’s trade for Tim Tebow.”  Give credit where credit is due, good for Rexy for taking three years to learn how to finally handle the media.

Other teams on HBO’s hit list include the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens.  Seems like HBO has a little obsession with the Harbaugh boys.

I still say there’s a better chance of me getting struck by lightning while sitting on the back of a unicorm than the Ravens saying ‘yes’ to “Hard Knocks.”  They won’t even let fans watch their practices, why would they let in television cameras?

HBO also reached out to the Broncos after they signed Peyton Manning, but “were flat out denied.”