If you got something to say to a man, speak it.

NEW ENGLAND – The Baltimore Sun reported that ex-Raven Adalius Thomas responded to former teammate Ray Lewis’ comments calling Thomas a “coward.”

Thomas told reporters that Lewis’ comments went as something personal. “I will address that with him personally myself,” Thomas said.

The New England linebacker continued speaking about how Lewis claimed the Ravens made a scheme for him on defense. “I know he was crying about a big guy in the middle so you can keep blockers off of you,” Thomas said. “I mean, I don’t know if that’s a scheme made for you or not.”

The ex-Raven fired back at Lewis, who originally responded to Thomas’ quotes in a recent Sports Illustrated article.

Lewis fired back Monday on his weekly radio show saying, “If you got something to say to a man, speak it.”

Thomas’ quotes questioned head-coach Brian Billick and called the Ravens a “star-studded system.”

He went on to say that the Patriots are a team with out people who “beat their chest,” but defended his quotations saying that he meant only to compliment his new team and not to take away anything from the Ravens.

“Nothing that I said was a comment or shot at the Ravens or none of the players,” Thomas said.

Former teammate Bart Scott defended Thomas in his radio show Tuesday night saying that he believes Thomas’ response was taken out of context. Scott recalled an interview with Sports Illustrated where he felt similar pressure that he believes Thomas also felt.

Thomas spent seven years with the Ravens, he totaled 83 tackles and 11.0 sacks in 2006.

He left as a free agent to New England in the off season. Thomas signed a $22 million deal in his first 2 years with a $12 million signing bonus.

[Source] Baltimore Sun: Dueling linebackers