I guess it was inevitable that the ticking time bomb that is Koji Uehara’s left hamstring would go off.  In a spring that has featured a number of nagging injuries, Uehara pulling up lame during his outing against the Toronto Blue Jays is nearly as worrisome as Brian Roberts’ back.  No Koji is not as important to the Orioles hopes of success as Roberts is, but it is clear that Uehara’s hamstring issues are chronic.  What’s more the Orioles will not be able to count on Uehara at all this year.  Sure he will likely be back at some point over the next month, but how long before he is shelved again?  And how much of an effect does this have on Uehara mentally?  At some point it has to enter his mind that he is one wrong movement from another injury.

At the very best, Uehara’s injury makes deciding who makes the final cut in the O’s bullpen easier on Dave Trembley.  It has appeared that Trembley was going to have to decide between Matt Albers and Cla Meredith as the final right-hander in the ‘pen.  Both Albers and Meredith have had strong springs and both would seem to have a spot on the roster available for them.  Good for Albers and Meredith, but it appears that Uehara’s body cannot handle even a bullpen role.  I hope I am wrong and he can bounce back and finish the season healthy.