During last night’s All-Star game I was rooting for two things, Matt Wieters success in front of a national audience and an N.L. win. One may have had to potentially contradicted the other, but that was a risk I was willing to take.

Wieters didn’t take the field until over halfway through the game. He allowed a passed ball and grounded out on one pitch. In his defense though Brandon League seemed incredibly erratic and appeared to cross up his catcher. League is a guy that has blown five saves this season and that passed ball happened to be the first Wieters has a allowed all year. I’m trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

As an Orioles fan, I find myself in an odd spot with the mid-summer classic. Of course, I always root for my team’s representative, but I know that come October I likely will be rooting against the American League champion in the World Series. Even though it was the Rangers and Giants last year, I still found myself cheering for San Francisco. If it’s Boston and Philadelphia this year, it’s another no brainer for me. Go National League!

A guy that O’s fans have kept a watchful eye on this season, Prince Fielder, hit a three run homer that sealed the deal for his league. Of course, Orioles fans remain hopeful that their team will be in contention for the star first baseman this offseason as he enters free agency. They’ll really be hopeful after watching his performance yesterday.

If you’re a diehard baseball fan than this game might have been a bit of a snoozer. Of course you were able to enjoy a pretty epic Heath Bell slide into the mound and the always entertaining Brian Wilson getting the save, but nothing in particular jumped out last night. What were your highlights?