Last night I didn’t watch a second of the BCS Championship game.  I wish the Capitals weren’t on the west coast, so I could have used them as my excuse.  Honestly, I don’t care about college football.  I know it’s the argument that everyone uses, but the BCS doesn’t get me excited about the sport.

I think about it this way.  Mark Viviano tweeted during last night’s snooze fest that the BCS structure would be the same as the Patriots playing the Packers while the Ravens and 49ers played in a “Meaningless Consolation Bowl.”  That’s exactly what I think of college football and exactly why I don’t care.

Someone will have to explain to me what is exciting about the Bowl games or how a champion can truly be declared without a playoff structure.  I watch sports for the upsets, for the Broncos over the Steelers or the VCUs.

With a BCS structure, the Ravens would have never won a Super Bowl and the Capitals would have been in the Stanley Cup finals the past two seasons.

I know that setting up a playoff structure in college football is difficult and I’m not here to try to solve that problem.  I’m just wondering how a winner can really be crowned without it and how fans can get excited for a game that a computer says in the championship.


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