If there’s one guy on the Orioles roster that I wouldn’t mess with, it’s Robert (Bob, as I call him) Andino.  Unfortunately for Yankees catcher Russell Martin, he did just that in game one of eighteen between the Baltimore and New York.

After Monday night’s game Andino was seen yelling at Martin as the Yankees high-fived each other in celebration of their first win of the 2012 season.  Roch Kubatko at MASNSports.com reports that Martin accused Andino of stealing signs from second base in the ninth inning.

“I don’t remember what happened at the end there,” Martin said according to Bryan Hoch at MLB.com.  “A little yapping session towards the end.  Nothing crazy.”  Andino apparently was not available for comment.

Here my take.  If Martin was worried about Andino stealing signs, why does he care that he’s stealing them with Mariano Rivera on the mound?  Mo throws two pitches, it’s not hard for a batter to know what’s coming.  Fastball.  Cutter.  Fastball.  Cutter.  Fastball.  Cutter.  You get it.

This isn’t the first time the Martin has complained about players tipping pitches.  He whined about it last July in Toronto as well.  If your signs are getting stolen, change your signs.

“Maybe it’ll make it more exciting, I don’t know,” the Yankees catcher added.  “I can’t predict the future. It’s fun. It’s baseball — there’s emotions flying and stuff. What else can I say?”