Dear Baltimore,

I’m worried. And its because I’m not worried about this. You see I’ve been skeptical about the Ravens performance all year.

I’ve admitted that I thought the Ravens wouldn’t win more than 4 games this year and here we are on the eve of the AFC Championship wondering if we’re going to make another trip to Tampa for Super Bowl XLIII.

The Ravens have been as unpredictable as Pacman Jones’ behavior.

You have to be happy with how far Baltimore has come. A complete turn around, from a 5-11 season to an 11-5 season. A rookie coach with a rookie quarterback…come on.

I thought that the Ravens would lose to the Cowboys in the final game at Texas Stadium. How is it that the Ravens walked into Nashville and knocked off the top seeded 13-3 Tennessee Titans? I didn’t think they would.

Now I’m worried, but not like last week. I’m worried because I feel like the Ravens are going to do it. They’re gonna beat the Steelers and go to the Super Bowl. This feeling worries me because if I’m confident, how will the Ravens do?

Baltimore I just wanted to say that if this is it, it has been a very successful year. I’ve had a blast watching this team and they have a lot to look forward to. If it isn’t then I can’t wait until February 1st.

Here’s to hoping that the Ravens pull through against the Steelers.

Third times a charm, right?