I’m all for voting Jason Hammel into the All-Star game — he’s been a true number one for the Orioles and is just as deserving as Adam Jones, Jim Johnson and Matt Wieters — but I just can’t get behind the Orioles and Nationals “Beltway Ballot” initiative.

Image Credit: Jim Rogash/Getty Images

I don’t have anything against Bryce Harper. You won’t find me accusing him of disrespecting the game because he hustles out ground balls or complaining about his obnoxious haircut, but I think the “Beltway Ballot” shows a bit of a double standard from both teams.

For six games a year, I have the Orioles drilling into my mind that the Nationals are my favorite team’s “local rival” and I read the smack talk between the fan bases on Twitter. But now when it comes time to add a couple of All-Stars, we’re supposed to get along, ignore our differences and unite at the ballot boxes.

I’m not uniting. Sorry, Bryce.

Maybe Harper is deserving. Maybe Chipper is. I don’t know. But I won’t unite with Nationals fans on this one. I’ll be casting my vote for Hammel. Who’s with me?