The news of the day is the same as the news from last year. Brett Favre is returning to the National Football League and will be playing for the Minnesota Vikings, pending a physical.

As a fan of the Ravens, Favre has never really served as a threat to me. I respected him with Green Bay and thought he looked stupid with the Jets. He was a good quarterback, but now I’ve had it.

I’m so sick and tired of this ongoing drama and of Favre using ESPN being his personal soap box.

I would never root for a player to get hurt, that’s just wrong. But I hope Brett throws four interceptions a game and tanks with the Vikings.

Too harsh?
I don’t think so.

He deserves to have a terrible year so that he will never consider coming back in 2010 and driving me insane for a third straight off season.

I’ll be cheering against you Brett.