Is my bias showing? I’m not too worried about it. Despite a home playoff game for the Colts, Indianapolis faced a potential black out because their fans nearly failed to sell out the game against the Jets. According to a report from, the Colts had 5,000 tickets to sell at the beginning of the week and were left with a few hundred just hours before the deadline at 8 PM on Wednesday.  They sold them just as time was about to expire.

Colts players took to twitter to encourage fans to buy up the seats.  Punter Pat McAfee, wide receiver Pierre Garcon and conerback Jacob Lacey all took to begging this poor fan base with giveaways to watch them play in the playoffs.  Pathetic.

I took to a Colts message board,, to see the reaction of “fans” in Indianapolis.  Here are some of my favorite responses.

A fan by that went by OneVoice made excuses saying, “…Not saying they will lose, just saying it would be understandable. Jets are a good team and have most of their core players; Colts have lost too many core players to keep up their own standard of winning expectations (in the eye of the Indy public).”

Hooiserguy gave a laughable excuse from a typical bandwagon fan you’d expect to see wearing a Manning jersey. “I might consider buying a couple of tickets if I didn’t have to work all day on Saturday and the Colts actually had a chance in Hell of winning.”

The only Colts “fan” that made any sense to me was omahacolt who wrote, “our fanbase is such a pile of ****.”  He’s right.

This fan base couldn’t get excited about the playoffs in their own home town, they deserved to get blacked out.  After this week, they likely won’t have to worry about selling anymore tickets anyway.