The 2018 Baltimore Orioles are here whether you like the construction of the squad or not.

Why wasn’t Manny Machado traded while the hot stove was burning? Are the Birds going to add any starters or is that “in house candidate” too much of a stud to unseat for a rotation spot?

These questions and many others throughout the 2018 Orioles season will be answered right here, in my new column — Inside The Warehouse.

Yes, the proprietor of this fantastic website and my BST Podcast partner — which you can download for free on iTunes — Zach Wilt has dusted off my sausage fingers and convinced me to write again. You can blame him for this drivel.

For the record, the “Inside The Warehouse” moniker is more of a pun than an actual thinking I’m an insider of any kind.

No, I’m not a real journalist like Roch, Brittany G , or Eddie E. These three and a handful of others here in town are the real insiders of this team that covers them everyday. And I for one can’t thank them all enough for their work.

But if you like well-researched nuggets about the goings on within the first four floors of 333 W. Camden Street, then this might be a good spot to check in with this season.The insight I possess about what is going on day to day at Oriole Park at Camden Yards might not interest you. If so, you and my saint of a wife have plenty in common already.

But if you like an outsider’s “inside baseball” perspectives on things going on off the field, this might be your jam.

Needless to say, we have plenty to discuss in the coming weeks/months about what direction this franchise is headed not only in 2018, but beyond.

Anyone else notice that Brady Anderson has been much more involved with the construction of the team this past off-season? Not to tear my rotator cuff patting myself on the back, but I’ve been saying his fingerprints have been touching the Orioles blueprint for over two years now.

Will Buck and/or Dan D. get contract extensions during the year since both are lame ducks?

Can the Orioles afford to lose one of the best leaders in the clubhouse they have had since moving over from 33rd Street in Adam Jones this off-season?

And will my guy Johnny Schoop realize he could be the next face of the franchise and start acting like it instead of listening to bad advice from his agent?

These are the type of questions/concerns we will cover here.

We hope to entertain you while adding some off the field nuggets to your weekly Orioles consumption.

Hang with us, will you?