You certainly can’t criticize Ravens head coach John Harbaugh for running a soft training camp, in fact maybe the purple and black have the opposite problem out at Westminster. Since Baltimore’s training camp began last week, three fights have broken out, Willis McGahee has lost a tooth and Derrick Mason went limping off the field with an ankle injury. Is camp Hard-Ball hurting the Ravens chances this season?

The Ravens have put together a team that is built to win this season.  It’s Super Bowl or bust in Baltimore and the team is poised to bring back the Lombardi Trophy to the Charm City fans.  Is John Harbaugh demanding too much from his roster by expecting full contact?  Should he be saving the contact for the meaningful games in December and January?

One could argue that since Harbaugh has been at the helm, the Ravens have had a great deal of success.  Camp Harbaugh has produced two playoff berths, three road playoff wins and a trip to the AFC Championship.  Although Brian Billick’s softer approach led to four playoff berths, two division titles and a Super Bowl.  So it’s a toss up.

Personally, I think the Ravens have a lot of talent and are prepared to make a run this season.  I would hate to see that chance be taken away in August while the team “gets ready” for the season.  I’m not saying the guys should sit back and take it easy in training camp, but Dawan Landry shouldn’t be knocking people out.  How much are a few hits in training camp really going to matter?  Keep the guys healthy that matter and do the real hitting in September.