Last night, while listening to the radio broadcast, play by play announcer, Fred Manfra, made reference to the Orioles fans booing Mark Teixeira every time he made a plate appearance.

I know, I know. The guy betrayed Baltimore. He said he wanted to play closer to his home, and was allegedly offered a fairly lucrative deal to play for the Birds. He ended up taking the money ($30 million more)  and the winning tradition in New York and betrayed his childhood team. We know it was  a business decision, but then he had the nerve to talk about his love for the Yankees as a kid.

But really? That was over 3 years ago. Aren’t we bigger than this? Can’t we enjoy the Birds success without the hate? Can we just choose to move on?

NO FREAKING WAY! If he can live off the riches of his business decisions, he can face the consequences of being hated by another subset of fans. Keep it up O’s fans!