“This is turning out to be a tough decision, but as of now my heart is still with LSU,” Kevin Gausman said, shattering the dreams of Orioles fans.

“There are still things for me to accomplish as a Tiger.  I still want to play in and win the College World Series, and with a lot of guys coming back next year I believe we can do it,” he told Albert Buford of the New Orleans Time-Picayune.

And now the sky is falling in Baltimore.  It’s the end of the world as we know it.  The Orioles first round pick wants to go back to college.  It can’t get any worse than this.  Whatever will we do?

I don’t buy it.  

If Gausman wants to leave $4.2 million on the table to go back to school then it’s his loss.  How much higher can go in the draft next season?  It wouldn’t be smart to roll the dice for a chance to win a National Championship.  If he honestly believes in the statements made above, you have to think someone will talk some sense into him.  An agent, a parent, a friend — someone.

But I think this a perfect negotiating ploy to make the Orioles sweat about getting the contract done.  These deals always look like the they’re miles apart, just before they are finalized.