I was listening to some sports talk radio this morning and the topic of conversation was the Super Bowl, not surprising.

The hypothetical scenario that the host tossed out to his listeners in Baltimore was “who do you root for in this particular situation?” Matt Stover lines up to kick a 43 yard game winning field goal to give Indianapolis it’s second Super Bowl Championship. Do you root for Matt or against Matt, for the Colts or against the Colts?

It’s no secret who Baltimore fans are rooting for in Super Bowl 44. Baltimore fans resent Indianapolis and the white and blue colors they take the field wearing every Sunday. In fact, a lot of fans outside Baltimore see the Colts as the “bad guys” in this Super Bowl. A championship in New Orleans would mean a lot to a city devastated by a horrific hurricane just years earlier.

But you throw in a kicker that Baltimore admired and you start to see a divide between the Colts-hating-faithful and the Stover-die-hards.

When I asked myself to answer this question it was simple. If Stover sets up to kick a 43 yard game winner, I hope he shanks it. Nothing against him, he’s a hell of a guy and I’d love to have him back here in Baltimore. But Colt hatred is in my blood. I wouldn’t want anyone to make that kick.

What do you think, If Stover has to kick a game winner in the Super Bowl do you root for the Colts in that situation or against them?