After reading Roch Kubatko this AM, it’s hard to imagine that it is not……

We knew that today’s off-day following a series loss in D.C. would bring heightened speculation about manager Dave Trembley’s job status. He was especially irritable after yesterday’s walk-off heartbreaker, but I’m not sure how much of his dark mood was attributed to him sensing that the end is near and how much was due to losing another game and another closer.

While Roch offers some reason why today might not be the day, I am starting to believe that it is. It’s nothing I am happy about. I think it’s sad. You want to see someone like Trembley succeed. You want to see the Orioles win; however, in order to salvage something this season, the front office is going to have to make changes. Unfortunately for Trembley, this is the most obvious change. Unfortunately, this organization will need multiple changes to ever really improve.

What are your thoughts? Is Trembley going to be sacked today?