So the story goes….

Zach Simmons (24) was wearing a Steelers jersey at the Colt’s training camp on Monday, apparently to garner the attention of Bruce Arians and Mewelde Moore. Safety and Boxer Extraordinaire, Tom Zbikowsi, saw the jersey and made former Ravens DC and current Indy Head Coach, Chuck Pagano, aware of the situation. Pagano approached the fan and in a classy move, gave him an Andrew Luck jersey to wear instead. The fan wisely changed jerseys.

It’s a cute story, but you have to wonder 3 things…..

1) What would Pagano do if someone showed up in a Ravens jersey?

2) What happens when shows up to Ravens camp with a Pittsburgh jersey… Oh wait, we know the answer to this. Fans aren’t allowed at the Ravens practices at Owings Mills.

3) Why are Steelers fans getting bent out of shape (see comments)?