Former Ravens running back Jamal Lewis has admitted to struggling with medical problems associated with multiple concussions since retiring from the NFL after the 2009 season.

As Jamison Hensley of points out, Lewis is among several former NFL players involved in a federal lawsuit in December on brain injuries in the league.  His story was recently detailed on Outside The Lines.

Lewis says that multiple concussions have left him with memory loss, headaches, blurred vision and sensitivity to light.  His symptoms sound eerily similar to those of Brian Roberts.

“You watch the TV, a guy goes down and they pull him out of the game,” Lewis said. “You think about: What if they did that with me?”

Lewis believes he played with at least eight undiagnosed concussions.

It’s sad to hear this news from such a dominant force on the Ravens.  Without Lewis busting heads in 2000, the Ravens would still be searching for their first Super Bowl championship.