James Ihedigbo and Greg Little were jawing the whole game. Little was flagged for a pair of 15 yard penalties in the Browns 24-18 win over the Ravens, one taunting call and another for unsportsmanlike conduct.

After a Willis McGahee run, Little and Ihedigbo continued to shove each other until Ihidgbo pinned Little to the ground. Little responded by ripping off Ihedigbo’s helmet and the referees responded by throwing their yellow hankies.

However, @MarkSkog on the Twitter points out that while Ihedigbo threw down Little, he put both hands around his neck and choked the Cleveland wide receiver.

I attempted to take a more clear screenshot, you can also watch the video on NFL.com after a few annoying ads play several times.

James Ihedigbo chokes Greg Little

After the game, Ihedigbo was still pissed as Little, who burned the Ravens defense for 122 yards on 7 catches.

Ravens safety James Ihedigbo had a jawing match with wide receiver Greg Little throughout the game. It got out of hand when Little ripped off Ihedigbo’s helmet, which drew a 15-yard personal foul. “He’s trying to be a tough guy,” Ihedigbo said. “Some guys who aren’t tough try to prove that they’re tough.”

Postgame quote via Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com