John Harbaugh, Jim HarbaughFootball Fan Lesson #815: You should never be outraged by anything Jason Whitlock writes. He intends to outrage fans. It’s all done on purpose.

With that said, here’s what Whitlock wrote about the Harbaugh brothers coaching philosophy with their quarterback/running back duos of Joe Flacco/Ray Rice and Alex Smith/Frank Gore in his latest column.

John Harbaugh wants to prove he’s an offense-friendly head coach. That’s the only explanation I can come up with for his insistence on preferring Joe Flacco over Ray Rice. We keep repeating the same story in Baltimore. Ray Rice doesn’t run the ball enough and Joe Flacco throws it too much.

Do John and Jim Harbaugh talk to each other? Jim has a mediocre quarterback he protects with Frank Gore and a running game. John has a mediocre quarterback he exposes by abandoning his running game.

John, call Jim for advice.

There’s a flaw in Whitlock’s philosophy here though, — shocking I know — he implies that John Harbaugh has control over the Baltimore Ravens offense. The beauty of the position that Baltimore’s Harbs brother has put himself in, is that his coordinators are his scapegoats.

Fans never blame the Ravens suddenly old and slow defense on head coach John Harbaugh. That’s Dean Pees’ fault. And why would the play calling be blamed on Harbaugh? Cam Cameron should take the fall for that, right?

At what point is the head coach blamed for the issues of the team? If the answer is “never”, then I ask you this: What would you say, you do here?