Following the Orioles flagship switch from 105.7 The Fan to WBAL, Jen Royle explained her role as an employee of both 105.7 and MASN. Royle posted her thoughts in a blog post on as a reaction to various tweets, emails and facebook posts she received from fans following Monday’s news.

In regards to me: Thank you all for the overwhelming amount of tweets, emails, blog comments and Facebook notes in support of me staying at MASN and/or 105.7 The Fan. Unfortunately, as you all can probably figure out, I cannot work for both. I am currently talking to everyone and trying to figure out what my plans are for next season, and I promise I will keep you posted when I can. I refuse to say goodbye to Baltimore just yet!

Royle has been actively involved with 105.7 during the Ravens season as a beat reporter, but comes to Baltimore with a baseball background. She worked with MASN last season to cover the Orioles and Nationals on and the team’s pre game shows.

Where do you see Jen Royle ending up?