After getting their emotions stirred up watching their team lose a third straight ALCS game, Orioles fans took to social media to lash out at each other over something only remotely related: Jeremy Guthrie wearing this in the post-game presser:


There are three schools of thought here:

1. This was pretty classless on the part of Guthrie.

2. You’re being stupid, quit whining.

3. This is not a big deal. Get over it.

The truth is a combination of the three. First, if you took to the Twitters last night and told other fans how they should feel, or that they were stupid for their opinion, well done. You win. That’s what this ‘supporting the Orioles’ thing is all about.

Personally, I thought the shirt was an unnecessary low blow. The Kansas City Royals stand one win away from the World Series – shouldn’t that be sweet enough? Shouldn’t they be able to enjoy the moment without taking the extra step of rubbing their opponents’ nose in it? Perhaps I wouldn’t feel this way without Jarrod Dyson’s comments.

I’m not really sure what the message is. Maybe there’s some truth to the whispers (OK, shouts) about Guthrie’s departure from Baltimore being less than amicable. Maybe all Gutrhie remembers of his tenure as an Oriole is being cast aside just as the team became relevant… instead of remembering a club that claimed him off waivers and allowed him to establish himself as a major league starter. Clearly I don’t know enough about the situation. I’m just some dumb fan.

But that’s what makes the jab so confusing. It doesn’t jive with my memory of Jeremy Guthrie. The guy I remember never shied away from tough questions after yet another loss. He never failed to defend a teammate who had let him down and blown another win. He never failed to take responsibility when he imploded on the mound. He gave thoughtful, well spoken responses to stupid questions. Quite simply, he was reliably gracious in defeat.

Not so in victory.

I find that disappointing. And guess what? I’m entitled to feel that way. Watching a player I rooted for add insult to the injury of watching my team get swept out of the playoffs. It sucks. And I’m allowed to say so.

Meanwhile, Guthrie offered this reaction to the… reaction: