Towson University alumnus Jermon Bushrod has a serious chance of winning his second Super Bowl.  Bushrod was drafted by the New Orleans in 2007 and after starting for four years at Unitas Stadium for the Tigers.

He won Super Bowl 44 with the Saints and was a Pro Bowl selection after an outstanding 2011 campaign. Bushrod, a native of Virginia, was recently asked about the Towson Tigers and their success in the CAA this year.

“I couldn’t wait to see how they did every week,” Bushrod said on WNST.  “I sit here and am so proud of everything they have done.”

The Tigers finished first in the CAA this year after losing all eight of their games in 2012.  Most of that success can be attributed to Head Coach Rob Ambrose.  “I am so impressed and proud of how he got these guys motivated and ready to go, it really showed in the end.”

If the Ravens get bounced, the Saints will definitely be the team I cheer for.  Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.