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The sibling rivalry continues.  John might have beat Jim in front of a national audience on Thanksgiving, but Jim thinks the refs blew the game.  Well at least two of the calls in the Ravens 16-6 win over the 49ers.

On a conference call over the weekend, San Francisco’s head coach Jim Harbaugh talked about two critical penalties that killed his team’s chances of defeating the Ravens.

49ers running back Frank Gore was flagged for a chop block that eliminated a 75-yard touchdown pass from Alex Smith to Ted Gin Jr.  Jim Harbaugh told the media that Gore was penalized because guard Chilo Rachal had “fingerprints” on the defender.  “In other words, the call could have gone either way,” writes Steve Corkan of the San Jose Mercury News.

Jim Harbaugh also questioned a pass interference call on Tarell Brown on a pass he intercepted. “(Brown) got grabbed, he grabbed (the receiver), and then the flag came out,” Harbaugh said according to Corkan. “That kind of stuff happens all game, and sometimes it gets called, sometimes it doesn’t. Again, an unlucky, unfortunate situation that we got called (for).”

It certainly doesn’t appear that Jim Harbaugh is blaming the referees for the 49ers loss to the Ravens, but it is interesting that he would highlight the calls to the media.