After watching Jim Thome crush baseballs during the Phillies recent three game series in Baltimore, I have to think that it’s at least worth Dan Duquette picking up the phone and asking Rubin Amaro what he’s worth.

Thome went 6-for-13 with two double, a home run and 4 RBI in those three games against the Birds.  He’s belted 18 homers in 67 games played at Camden Yards during his 22 year career.

The Phillies GM recently told ESPN’s Jayson Stark that Thome’s ideal situation would be for him to play for an American League team.  “He still has the ability to win a game for us and be productive off the bench,” Amaro said.  “The problem is, the further away he gets from regular at-bats, the more difficult it becomes for him to do that.”

As the bats continue to cool in Baltimore, Thome’s name becomes more and more of a fit in the Orioles line up.  With Mark Reynolds offensive struggles, the Orioles could sure use a power hitter in their lineup to hit those much needed three run homers that we’ve been longing for over the past two weeks.