Even though Adam Jones wasn’t even born when Joan Jett was proclaiming her love for rock and roll in 1982, many Baltimore fans remember hearing her hit and her affection for the hometown Orioles.

Jett grew up in Rockville and Dan Connolly of The Baltimore Sun writes that she recently sent a letter to the Orioles about her earlier days as a fan and enjoying their current run to the postseason.

Jett sent a letter this week to the Orioles that was posted on the bulletin board in the home clubhouse. She wrote about how her dad took her to Memorial Stadium on Aug. 13, 1969, which was the date of Jim Palmer’s no-hitter against the Oakland A’s.

She wrote that she’s been taking her iPad on stage and hiding it next to her amp so she can check the Orioles’ scores this year.

Jett closed the letter by telling the Orioles to keep on rocking. She also sent a box of swag including CDs and T-shirts.

Connolly also references other celebrity O’s fans including Ed Norton, Josh Charles, and my personal favorite, Elaine Benes.