Unfortunately I’ll miss Joe Flacco by two days in Disney World. It would be awesome to see his parade in the Magic Kingdom. I also missed his “I’m going to Disney World” commercial, but was able to find it on YouTube.

Flacco is expected to ride down Main Street, U.S.A this afternoon. Here’s more from Darrell Fry on the Disney Parks Blog.

Flacco was the hero of the game, throwing three touchdown passes – all in the first half of the game – and completed 22 of his 33 passes for 287 yards to lead the Ravens to victory in front of a packed superdome crowd and a worldwide TV audience of more than 100 million. The performance earned him the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player (MVP) award.

More importantly for Walt Disney World Resort guests, the performance means Flacco will be coming to Magic Kingdom Park on Monday for a celebratory Super Bowl parade down Main Street, U.S.A., featuring balloons, confetti and Disney characters such as Mickey and Minnie. It’s the perfect way for Flacco and fans to spend some “Disney Time” which very likely will become magical memories that will stay with them for a lifetime.