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I find Monday’s hiring of Gary Kubiak is fascinating on so many levels. For days leading up to the announcement, it appeared as though four candidates were being considered for the Ravens offensive coordinator opening. Kirby Wilson, Scott Linehan, Jim Hostler and Kyle Shanahan all reportedly met with the Ravens brass. We later heard over the weekend that Hostler and Shanahan were the two finalists for the position.

Then, seemingly out of no where, the Ravens swooped in to hire a guy who coached two Hall of Fame quarterbacks (John Elway and Steve Young) and sports three Super Bowl Rings.

“Other than those four candidates, pretty much everything else that was reported was erroneous or fictitious,” John Harbaugh informed the Baltimore media during Kub’s introductory press conference. “So we feel good about the fact that we had you on the run. You know, we kept it quieter than usual. So we’re kind of proud of that.”

That’s a bit brash, yeah? “Erroneous and fictitious”? So Harbs is basically informing the media that they’ve been lying to the public. Don’t forget that the Ravens own website was also reporting that the team was down to two finalists for the position. And why is he proud of the fact that it was kept so super secret? Harbaugh knows he doesn’t work for Homeland Security, right? He’s not some sort of secret agent who can’t do his job properly if classified information is leaked. What’s this obsession with keeping the fans guarded from what’s going on in Owings Mills?

105.7 The Fan’s Glenn Younes didn’t appreciate Harbaugh’s shot at the media.

He went too far. I call things as they come. I have my side of seeing things but I try to be honest with my vision of things. So to say, I understand most may not agree with me but my side isn’t clear out of Zinno nation (aka left field) either. Guess I’m saying I may be a nut but I don’t think I’m off base with this post.

The media in Baltimore works hard to help keep the Ravens in the forefront of the news and in mostly a great way. This ain’t Philly, that’s for sure. It’s why the Monday shots toward the media in Baltimore were too much for me.

It’s interesting to hear a member of the media talk about how he tries promote the Ravens. Is Younes inciting that Baltimore media helps spin the team’s news?

That certainly isn’t the case with the Baltimore Sun’s Mike Preston who reports that Harbaugh actually had nothing to do with the process of hiring Kubiak. Presto writes that Harbs wanted to promote Hostler, but was informed by Ozzie Newsome that the Ravens head coach could have future hiring privileges stripped away or even potentially lose his job if things didn’t go well in 2014.

He adds that Harbaugh looked like “a young boy with an unwanted new daddy (Kubiak) and uncle (quarterbacks coach Rick Dennison)” at Monday’s presser. I can’t imagine Harbaugh will appreciate that comment.

So what really went down? Is John Harbaugh on the hot seat or was this simply a disagreement between the GM and head coach?

Image Credit: Jeff Weese

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