Jim Harbaugh and John HarbaughThe national media has two weeks to share every story from Jim and John Harbaugh’s childhood. They’ll hear from neighbors, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and former roommates. If you’re not from Baltimore or San Francisco, it’s going to be a long wait between now and February 3.

At least you have the Pro Bowl…

When asked about the sibling rivalry story on Monday, Harbaugh downplayed it to reporters. “Every story has been told. There’s nothing more to learn,” he said. “I really hope the focus is not so much on that.”

Good luck with that John.

Seriously though, good for John Harbaugh for at least attempting to take the focus off of him. He recognizes that the Ravens are still one win away from greatness and isn’t focused on selling the story, but rather winning the game.

Harbaugh added that he hasn’t spoken with his brother Jim since they both reached the Super Bowl.