John Harbaugh, Jim HarbaughThe John Harbaugh v. Jim Harbaugh obsession here in Baltimore (and presumably San Francisco) reached new heights after the Thanksgiving Harbaugh Bowl (Harbowl?) last season.

If you are counting at home, that was three Harbaughs in one sentence — let’s see if I can beat that.

During a Q&A with Ravens fans, John Harbaugh was asked by fan “Jonathan H” which brother would win in a wrestling match.  John didn’t shy away from question.

We’ve had a lot of them over the years. I think we split basically. He’s got a little bit longer arms than I do because he’s a bigger guy. But I’ve done more lifting over the years. So it’s leverage over straight strength. I can out-lift him, I can tell you that. I beat him in golf last time too, just for the record.

The John Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh Thanksgiving matchup was exciting enough, could you imagine a John Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh Super Bowl (Super Harbaugh-Bowl?)

That’s five Harbaughs in one sentence!