Joe Flacco Pizza Hut CommercialJoe Flacco answered all of his critics last season. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback gambled on himself and won and now viewed as one of the league’s top players at his position.

So what’s John Harbaugh’s biggest concern regarding Flacco? He was asked that in his press conference on Tuesday.

How comforting is it to have, with Joe [Flacco] as one of the faces of your franchise, that he’s a guy you can count on, on and off the field, to do the right thing? (Matt Vensel)

“You mean to do the right thing? I’m not worried about Joe [Flacco], as far as showing up somewhere where he’s not supposed to be, or some picture turning up that’s going to be embarrassing. Is that what you’re kind of referring to? (Reporter: “Well, just everything in general, and also just the intangibles.”) The biggest concern with Joe is these commercials. (laughter) I mean, the guys are on him. His acting ability and his delivery – it’s improving. (laughter) I’m surprised you guys haven’t asked me questions about that, like his progress and how far do you think he’s come as an actor.” (laughter)

How do you think Joe’s impact as an actor has benefitted … (Chris Miller)

“I think he should keep his day job. How’s that? (laughter) But, the thing about that question – thanks for asking – [is that] we feel that way about all of our guys. We really do. We are really proud of our guys. Knock on wood … Anything can happen at any time, but we feel good about our guys. When they leave the building, we feel like they’re good family men. They’re going to do the right things. We’ve got young guys. Guys do young-guy things sometimes, but we really feel good about the character and quality of people that we have here as players and coaches and the whole organization.”

Here’s my favorite Joe Flacco commercial: