Unless something crazy happens, the Baltimore Ravens will make the postseason for the fifth consecutive season, but is that really good enough? Are we all content with just another postseason appearance?

In my opinion, the Ravens have underperformed for years. This has been a team with Super Bowl caliber talent that hasn’t big to the dance in 12 years. Their weaknesses have been exposed the past two weeks and poor coaching can be to blame for the majority of these deficiencies.

Tony Lombardi of Russell Street Report highlighted a few of  John Harbaugh’s head scratchers in his The Good, Bad, Ugly, the Megan Fox postgame column.

John Harbaugh, I have no idea what goes through his mind at times. He chooses to feign a fake punt with the obvious intent being to get the Redskins to jump offsides. Ok, not a bad idea. You gave it a boy scout’s try and it failed. No sweat. But why call a timeout when the play clock approached zero? Take the 5-yard penalty and punt from the 45 instead of the 40. This is very basic stuff.

Then at the end of regulation with 24 seconds left, tied at 28 and with 2 timeouts in tow, He instructs Flacco to take a knee. During each of the last 3 games when faced with similar situations, Harbaugh has shown absolutely no confidence in his quarterback to make any positive plays to help his team win a game. If that is what you are going to ask your supposed franchise quarterback to do, Steve Bisciotti, if you endorse this kind of coaching, please save your money and go out and get a game manager, not a franchise quarterback.

I said it last week and I’ll say it again, Harbaugh needs to be blamed for this downward spiral. I’m tired of hearing say that Ravens won’t overreact to losses or that they game plan the same way they do after a win. How about some answers on his decision to tell Flacco to take a knee or explaining why he clearly doesn’t have faith in his QB in clutch situations.

Enough of the cliches. Enough of the mighty men. Enough of saying “football” every 11 1/2 seconds. Let’s hear some actual answers.

Maybe Harbaugh is in over his head. Perhaps his backgrounds as a special teams coach is finally being exposed. Or maybe it’s just a couple bad losses.

All I know is, one and done in the postseason isn’t good enough.