Ray Rice rushed for a 34 yard touchdown halfway through the third quarter against the Steelers, then gained ten more yards on the first play of the Ravens’ next possession and didn’t touch the ball the rest of the game.

Not once. Not a single play call for the franchise Pro Bowl running back.

How in the hell does that happen? There’s no explanation for it.

Allowing Joe Flacco to sling the ball over his wide receivers’ heads for the last 15 minutes of the game is inexcusable. And while it’s incredibly easy to call out offensive coordinator Cam Cameron for continually forgetting about a running back that averages 4.3 yards per carry, why doesn’t anyone question the head coach?

John Harbaugh to blame for Ravens loss to SteelersJohn Harbaugh is wearing a headset on the sideline. As far as I know, he’s not listening to Justin Bieber on that thing. He hears the play calls. So why doesn’t he jump in and tell Cameron to call a freaking play that features Rice in the fourth quarter? Or how about asking him not to call the same out-route every other play?

Anquan Boldin already has.

Remember, Harbaugh is Cameron’s boss. He’s the head coach. Continuing to watch the offensive coordinator make the same mistakes over and over again is on him. He’s to blame for these lapses.

While Harbaugh is making headlines for a weird handshake, let’s not forget about his terrible challenge in the third quarter on a Charlie Batch incomplete pass that he somehow thought was fumble. The ruling on the field was upheld and the Ravens burned a costly timeout for nothing.

“Yes, that was not a good decision by me,” Harbaugh admitted to the media after the game. “Looking back at it, it wasn’t a good challenge.” No it wasn’t.

By the way — while I have your attention — I accept everyone’s apologies for calling me an idiot after I pointed out the negative trend that is Joe Flacco’s 2012 season. Try to defend that performance. The guy was outplayed by Chaz Batch.

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