The Baltimore Ravens were just beginning their week six matchup against the Houston Texans when Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz were hurling insults and throwing shoulders at each other after the 49ers beat the Lions in Detroit.

After the Ravens game, John was informed of Jim’s spat with Schwartz.  He took in the moment with the media and responded with a grins throughout.

“Somebody went after Jim,” John Harbaugh asked, looking unsurprised. “[Let’s] put it this way, I’ve been in fights before with Jim too.” He raised his eye brows and nodded with a smirk. “How many did you win,” a reporter asked. “I won some early…in our childhood career,” he responded. “Then it got slanted the other way though.” Laughter ensued in the media room. “We’ve got one coming up Thanksgiving night though.”

If Jim Schwartz truly wanted to dance with Jim Harbaugh after the game then he should’ve gotten a scouting report from John.