Pop the champagne bottles and print the championship t-shirts!

Okay, well maybe that headline is only slightly misleading.

Fox Sports reporter Jon Paul Morosi posted an article yesterday discussing five teams that he has already declared out of the playoff race for this upcoming season.  Listing the Mets, Astros, Mariners, Athletics, and White Sox, Morosi leaves off the Orioles in his piece with the subline “These MLB teams actually got worse over the offseason.”

While many fans are non-stop complaining about the moves that Dan Duquette has made so far since taking office in the Warehouse, this is a major outsider’s perspective that does not recognize Duquette’s moves as all being unreasonable.

I am definitely surprised that Morosi includes the White Sox on this list.  While they may have had a dull offseason, the team only has upside heading into 2012.  Let’s face it, Adam Dunn can’t actually be worse than he was last year, can he?  Seattle and Oakland used this offseason to build more toward their futures, something the Orioles failed to do when trading away pitching prospects for a replacement level backup catcher and a pitcher who may not even make the team out of Spring Training.  The Astros are dealing with a lot of baseball politics and financial issues right now, and the Mets…well, they’re the Mets.

So there it is.  The Orioles could be World Series champs in 2012!