Josh Cribbs get knocked out by Dannell EllerbeI’ve watched Dannell Ellerbe’s crushing blow on Josh Cribbs over and over again and still can’t decide if it’s a clean hit. When seen live at full speed, I thought for sure that Ellerbe went helmet-to-helmet, which is a big no-no.

But when it’s slowed down, it appears the Baltimore Ravens linebacker may have hit Cribbs with either his shoulder or upper arm.

Either way, it was a scary play and one that knocked out Cribbs for the remainder of the game. You never want to see something like that.

Cribbs may have been more injured on the play after the big hit was put on. His helmet-less head bounced off the turf and then a replay showed that he was kicked in the face by a defender while he laid motionless at the 40 yard line.

It seemed like it took Cribbs a while to get into the locker room after he walked off the field. I’m not sure if that says anything about the severity of the injury.

Josh Cribbs knocked out GIF

You just hope he’s okay after a chilling, scary moment of full speed NFL football.