Josh Wilson prefers hogettes to Ravens fansFormer Ravens cornerback Josh Wilson told the Washington Post that the Ravens “have nowhere near the tradition of Redskins fans.”  Wilson played for Baltimore last season and is beginning his first season back in his hometown of Washington, D.C.

“…My uncle is 50-so years old and all they know are Redskins and you’d almost think somebody’s died when the Redskins have lost,” Wilson added.  “And now I’m getting all these phone calls asking, ‘What do you think about this?’ and they think I’m going to give them all the insight, and I’m like, ‘Get out of here!’”

Somebody died?  Seriously?  Redskins fans aren’t used losing yet?  I mean c’mon they won six games last year and have two winning seasons in the past 11 years.  To be fair, Wilson is right about the tradition and passion of Redskins fans.  What other fan base prides itself on their cross dressing men dressed as pigs?

Wilson did say that the Ravens are establishing what “the Redskins already have.”  We can only hope he’s wrong about that.  I’m fine with Ravens fans being nothing like Redskins fans.