Former third base coach and interim manager Juan Samuel may be back with the Orioles at his old job.  According to a post on Orioles Insider, Samuel is expecting a call from Andy MacPhail to discuss a contract, but stated that he his given Buck Showalter his word on returning to the club.

Samuel worked in the Dominican Republic for the Orioles after Showalter was hired, but said that he feels a return now would be more comfortable.

“It kind of surprised me a little bit when I got a phone call that [Buck] was going to call me. I was like, ‘Oh, boy,’ ” Samuel said. “But I think if I start [at third base] in spring training, the transition will be much easier. It was so uncomfortable to stay in that role [in August], but now I am looking forward to starting from scratch in spring training.”

The move would allow Showalter to get the third base coach he originally intended to have and bring a native Spanish speaking coach to the club.

What do you think of bringing Juan Samuel back as third base coach?