Athletics walkoff with win over Orioles
Image Credit: AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Although Sunday fun day hasn’t been all that fun for the Orioles in April (0-4), Buck’s birds head to the great Northwest having won 6 out of the first 8 series’ to start the season. A solid 15-10 record at print time (with at worst being 3-games over for the opening month) has even surprised this drunk on orangekoolaid consumer to the point of going all sports talk radio caller and re-evaluating my preseason predictions. But like the great Ozzie Newsome, I’ll stick to my board for now with the right to flip-flop like a congressman later this summer.

And I promise I’m not even trying to do wacky shtick here by saying, “why not”. Because this squad so far is showing it’s “magical” 2012 season might be leaning more to norm than a fluke as many suggested in their hack. pre-season predictions. Adam Jones is making that “monster” contract he signed last year seem like a bargain despite his early season defensive struggles.

Chris Davis is so locked in he hit a ball 400-ft to dead center in one of biggest parks in the league Sunday with one, freaking hand. 20-year old, Manny Machado high fives Chris DavisManny Machado, just might be the best overall third basemen residing north of St. Petersburg, Fl line as his bat is starting to match his Brooks Robinson hot-corner skills.

Not sure if this means anything, but I would sleep with Nate McClouth in the straightest way possible.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. This team is going to hit and if they can get decent/mediocre starting pitching as well as doing Pete Strop like Jake Arreita, then we might have another exciting summer in store.

And yes, I understand the O’s are coming off another Sunday debacle where they get up early and then give it up easier than a female prison guard in a Baltimore jail. My glasses might be color of Carrot Top, but I’m not blind. The starting pitching isn’t exactly the Braves of the mid 90’s. Even though the bullpen has the lowest ERA in the American League, it’s still gives me the shakes when anyone is in expect O’Day for some reason. The second base situation makes Chase Utley look like Ali Larter. I get it.

But all these warts are magnified only because this franchise is finally RELEVANT, not only locally, but nationally now. No matter where you extract your sports nuggets from, you can be sure the Orioles highlights aren’t run with the likes of the Houston Lastro’s and my hometown Padres. Whether it’s Manny flashing the leather or Crush Davis hitting another moon shot, your Birds are getting some national love. And it’s deserved as long as they continue to Just. Win. Series’.

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